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How to Start Pond Landscaping

Pond Landscaping

Pond Landscaping

This is my most asked question:  “How should I start a pond?”

The first thing before doing anything is to research different pond ideas.  I looked at pond books that had lots of pictures and also searched online.  Once you have a pretty good idea of what you want the next step is to plan in detail the entire yard area that you plan on using.   Then draw it all out on paper (I used graph paper) try to get as close to scale as you can.  Add all the elements to this drawing:  rocks, boulders, plantings, where you want the waterfall, etc.  A true landscaper would try to achieve a good variety of shapes and colors to make it interesting all through the year for an all seasons appeal (I learned this after completing my pond, so now I use it when helping others build their ponds).

With my drawing plan in hand I go outside to the site I picked out and map it out on the ground using stakes and string to see if all my ideas would actually fit into the spot. Some things might have to be changed during this part.  Also keep in mind that plants grow so make sure you allow for that growth in your plan. Make sure you pick plants that can handle the location (do they prefer sun or shade?) Also remember to avoid invasive species (like weeping willows and if you plan on using any bamboo keep in mind how fast they spread (they are hard to contain but they make a great screening.)  Something you can add if you feel you need more to you final pond is potted plants.   I added potted plants around my pond for a few reasons, to shade the pond a little in the late afternoon sun, to discourage some of the wildlife from hanging around on the side, to soften some of the looks of the rocks around the pond and so that my wife has a place to put more of her potted plants.

So remember to research before you even start to think about digging your pond, it will save on so much aggravation.  And to the next person that asks me this question, now I can refer them to this post.

Oh, and before I forget, here is a book that my wife purchased for me off of Amazon on garden ponds that I would recommend.  It has some nice ideas and good pictures.  For those with smaller ponds (like me) you can always scale down the ideas you like.

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