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Fish pond debris

Fish Pond Debris

There are many things that I’m sure any fish pond would hate (if you could ask them…only kidding, I’m not crazy) and this is my way to kill a pond list.

The picture above shows tree debris floating in the water.  Seeds from oak and maple trees are everywhere right now.  I scoop out any debris I see each morning as a matter of habit.  Fall is the worst when the trees lose their leaves.

Tree limbs – Tree limbs are great as long as they’re attached to a tree, but when they fall into a pond they become a problem.  There’s always that chance they may rip the liner.  And some types of tree limbs can be toxic to fish when they sit in the pond water.   I always take out any sticks or limbs right away as soon as I see them.

Little kids skipping rocks off the surface.  The quickest way to kill a pond or any body of water for that matter is to fill it up.  Most people don’t think much about it, but for every rock, stick, or boulder that you throw in, that’s less space in the pond.  A pond is always dying… as debris is always trying to fill it in, so it always needs care to help keep it alive.

Too many fish can present a big problem for the cleanliness of the water and it stresses the fish out.  I’m sure the raccoons love it, easier pickins.  I chose not to have too many fish, just keeps the water cleaner and the pond easier to maintain.

Rocks precariously stacked around the pond (I thought at the time they were stacked just fine, but the wild animals showed me otherwise.).  I’ve had rocks that I’ve arranged around the pond to hold the liner in place and make the pond look pretty fall into the water when stray cats or raccoons go for a drink of water which from at first made loose rocks fall into the pond.  The finally made a nice little landing for themselves to easily reach the water. I ended up leaving this drinking shelf as is, it wasn’t a problem for me and there were no more rocks falling into the pond.

Stagnant water – A pond is at its best when it has a running source of water.  I’m sure the stream fed pond is best, but there’s not many of us who has the luxury of a stream running through their back yard to feed their pond.  That’s where the waterfall or some type of filter comes in to move the water and filter out some of the impurities.

Lack of plants – Ponds need plants to filter and clean the water. Its the most natural way to do it.

Salt and lawn chemicals – Be careful what you spread around your pond, it could leach into it.  Lawn chemicals, weed killers, or salt spread on the sidewalk nearby could all end up in the water, especially after a good soaking rain.

Keeping a pond away from a septic tank is good to insure that no runoff leaches into the pond.

Dogs – Certain breeds of dogs love to swim, and ponds have to be inviting.  But they can really do a lot of damage to the liner, plants and freak out the fish.  My youngest dog, Georgia, would love to get near the pond (she’s part lab) luckily she can’t reach it.

I had a lot longer way to kill a pond list in my head before I started typing this, and I’m sure I’ll think of them as soon as I post this.  I’ll add them at another time if they kick in my mind.


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