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Hi everyone.  I’m back and so are the fish and frog after a long and rough winter.

This year was the easiest spring pond clean… all I did was scoop out the leaves, clean and start the waterfall pump.  I also added a barley bag (pictures to follow) and attached it under the waterfall out pour spot.  A few hours later I was amazed at how clear it looked, especially compared to how murky and messy it was when I started.  The following week I cleaned the water filter and will have to do that each week until I’m sure all the winter gunk is out and then I’ll clean it once a month or more as needed.

The fish were so happy and very active after the clean… before that I wasnt sure if they were even still around from the winter.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the frog stuck around after the cleaning and waterfall hook up.  I’ve read that frogs dont like the water movement or distractions… but this guy is still there.  Pictures to follow.

Back to enjoying my pond…


I just wanted to share a video with you of the pond.  I filmed this a week or so ago, and yes the pond needs some spring cleaning but I was just enjoying the moment and decided to video tape it so I could share it with you.  I want you to get an idea of why I enjoy my pond so much.  This is the second year that I’ve noticed 2 frogs that have moved in, which I enjoy and I can’t wait to hear their chirps at dusk (I can hear the ones down the street).  The goldfish are also enjoying the arrival of spring which has been slow to get here.  I hope you enjoy the video of Dons Fish Pond as much as I do.

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