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Hi everyone.  I’m back and so are the fish and frog after a long and rough winter.

This year was the easiest spring pond clean… all I did was scoop out the leaves, clean and start the waterfall pump.  I also added a barley bag (pictures to follow) and attached it under the waterfall out pour spot.  A few hours later I was amazed at how clear it looked, especially compared to how murky and messy it was when I started.  The following week I cleaned the water filter and will have to do that each week until I’m sure all the winter gunk is out and then I’ll clean it once a month or more as needed.

The fish were so happy and very active after the clean… before that I wasnt sure if they were even still around from the winter.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the frog stuck around after the cleaning and waterfall hook up.  I’ve read that frogs dont like the water movement or distractions… but this guy is still there.  Pictures to follow.

Back to enjoying my pond…


Wow I can’t believe that fall is here.  Now comes the prepping of the pond for the winter.  First thing is keeping the leaves out of the pond.  I remove any that are floating around on top and take out any sticks or other debris that might be there.  Now that I have a full working ecosystem I find its not as much work as it used to be.  Don’t get me wrong there is still things I have to do to keep the pond clean and clear.  All year long I am diligent about clearing out any debris.  I clean the pond filter at least 2 times a month, and I’m sure others probably do it weekly.  I usually end up with an extra cleaning if it recently rained hard.  Plants are so beneficial to a pond and keeping it clean.  My goldfish love eating the water celery so I let it grow probably more than I should but I know the goldfish will take care of it.  They also love to swim in the plants that are in the water.  The frogs also love the plants.  They use them as a place to rest (that’s all I ever see them do, I don’t ever see them move, unless I startle them. )  The frogs and goldfish got noticeably bigger this year.

Now that the cooler weather is creeping up another thing I have to keep in the back of my head is getting the pond heater ready.  I usually wait until the weather dips down below freezing and if I think ice is going to start to form.  Its better to have the heater already in the pond then to install it after the ice has frozen on the top… much harder work for you and the heater.  You can always install it, just don’t turn it on until you have to.  They have plugs that will turn on a gizmo when it reaches a certain lower temp and then turn off when the air warms up.

Last year I left all my pond plants in the water and almost all came back, but I’m thinking the milder winter might have contributed to that, I am hoping they survive this winter also.  Its just so much work to take the plants in, which I had always done, and I think they fared better when I left them out last year.  Same with the fish, this past winter was the first year I left them outside all winter… but the weather was never really that bad.  This year I’m doing the same thing with them too… I just decrease the food amount that I feed them as the cooler weather starts to set in, you don’t want all the undigested food sitting in their bellies when it gets really cold, not a good thing for them, I think Fred, one of my first pond goldfish died because of that… too much food in his belly when the temperature dropped.

So get out there and start getting your pond ready for the winter that’s creeping up.  Make sure the water is clean, get the pond pump out before it freezes, and keep those leaves and debris out.

Ok,, enough talk for today.  Sorry its been so long between chats.  Enjoy your fish pond, even in the fall.

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