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Hi everyone.  I’m back and so are the fish and frog after a long and rough winter.

This year was the easiest spring pond clean… all I did was scoop out the leaves, clean and start the waterfall pump.  I also added a barley bag (pictures to follow) and attached it under the waterfall out pour spot.  A few hours later I was amazed at how clear it looked, especially compared to how murky and messy it was when I started.  The following week I cleaned the water filter and will have to do that each week until I’m sure all the winter gunk is out and then I’ll clean it once a month or more as needed.

The fish were so happy and very active after the clean… before that I wasnt sure if they were even still around from the winter.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the frog stuck around after the cleaning and waterfall hook up.  I’ve read that frogs dont like the water movement or distractions… but this guy is still there.  Pictures to follow.

Back to enjoying my pond…

Water Celery plant for a pond.

Water Celery plant for a pond.

Koi or Goldfish in a pond do not necessarily co-exist too well, because the fish love to forage on plants.  Therefore the only solution I’ve found is to keep the number of fish low and the number of plants very high.  I hate to see people stock way too many fish in their ponds.  They don’t realize how stressful it is to the pond environment.  I also think that for wildlife passing by a pond that’s overstocked has to be easy pickings for the poor fish that are already overstressed.  Fish need space to move around (and places to hide from predators), and water plants need a chance to be able to survive.  Some pond owners prefer to screen their plants in the pond away from their fish (a strong plastic mesh fencing for example) on a pond shelving.  You might want to think about shelves while your pond is under construction.

I keep water celery in my pond, along with water lilies, irises.  This year I’m trying to grow water punks (not sure what their technical name is), I loved those as a kid.  Water celery is prolific, which I like since the fish will eat it.  Over the spring the water celery that I had grew up through the rocks and made a nice little field (see picture above) that I didn’t really want so I am going to remove that patch and relocate it to the lake I live near as we need some water plants for there and they won’t cost us anything.  I had planned on doing that this morning but its raining like crazy outside so I guess that will have to wait for another day.

I will talk more about water plants another day, enjoy your week, and share some of your pond experiences with us, I’d love to hear them.

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